28.04. 2018
Gimnasio BushidoKwai, Cruce & Casa de Velázquez, Madrid

Yves Klein’s birthday

Celebrating Yves Klein’s birthday in Madrid

April 28th 2018, was a fantastic day in Madrid! We were celebrating Yves Klein’s birthday (who would be 90 years old that day) at Gimnasio Bushido Kwai and then at Cruce gallery. For this occasion, the famous judokas Macario Garcia SR, Macario Garcia JR and Jesús Garcia did a Kata demonstration while art historian Fernando Diéguez made a conference about Klein and Judo. Frédéric Dialynas Sanchez invited friends to contribute to the party with some art, including Jean-Sébastien Grill, Sébastien Leseigneur and Cyril Porchet (who is also born April 28th). Thank you so much to all organizers (Gimnasio BushidoKwai, Cruce, Casa de Velázquez) and participants. Big up to Lucile Piketty and Javier Palacios Rodriguez! Special Thx for the cook who made the delicious blue cake!